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Ready For Rehab? How To Know When It’s Time To Go To Rehab In Daly City, CA

Posted: February 15, 2019 by in Alcohol Addiction Recovery Place

go to rehab in Daly City, CA

Recognizing you need help after a long, discouraging struggle with addiction is the clearest sign you’re ready for rehab. If you’re ready to go to rehab in Daly City, CA, you’re probably wondering what rehab entails.

Drug rehabilitation can help people overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. Through careful combinations of therapies, rehab increases your chances of success and reduces your chances of relapse.

Are you tired of facing addiction on your own? These signs are sure indicators that you’re ready for rehab time.

You Realize You Need Help

This sign is huge. In the earlier stages of addiction, it’s likely that your family and friends pushed you to get help. When you’ve finally reached this conclusion on your own, it’s time to act. 

Those close to you probably saw the signs and consequences of your addiction more clearly than you did at first. But their understanding of the situation doesn’t necessarily equate with your readiness for rehab. 

Many addicts feel pressured into seeking rehab because of loved ones. Entering rehab to appease others may lead to a lack of commitment and possible relapse upon return to real life situations.

Your success in rehab is much more likely if you’ve made the decision on your own. This decision gives you ownership of the process and the end result. When you decide that you want to be free of addiction, you’ll be more dedicated to a rehabilitation program.

Your Drug Has Become Your Main Focus

Recognizing that a substance is taking priority over everything in your life is a significant indicator that you see a need for change. This is the moment for many people when they understand that their substance abuse has become a very real problem.

When a substance becomes your main focus, its importance is exaggerated in your life. You’ll find that the majority of your energy and resources are used for thoughts about using and acquiring the substance. 

As a result of this preoccupation with using alcohol or drugs, everything else in your life is pushed to the backburner. You may find that you are:

  • Struggling financially due to spending money on drugs or alcohol
  • No longer interested in hobbies or other activities
  • Not spending time with loved ones and friends
  • Thinking constantly about how, when, and where you’ll next use the substance

Denial is difficult to overcome. When you’ve finally moved past it and realized the truth of your situation, you may be ready for rehab time.

Previous Attempts to Quit Were Unsuccessful

Once you’ve become addicted to a substance, quitting can be difficult to impossible to do on your own. This is especially true for particular substances.

Successfully quitting often requires a solid strategy, helpful resources, and pharmaceutical therapies. This is what happens in rehab situations. These facilities are equipped to help you through the difficulties of drug cessation every step of the way.

The difficulty isn’t the only concern when it comes to quitting. Depending on the substance and how frequently you’ve used it, abruptly quitting can actually be dangerous. 

You’ve Experienced Withdrawal Symptoms During Previous Quitting Attempts

If you’ve tried to quit before and were hit with a range of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, you need the help of rehab. Withdrawal symptoms are the result of the abrupt removal of a drug on which you have developed a physical dependency.

After you build up a tolerance for a substance, you need higher or more frequent doses to achieve the same effect. In time, you’ll develop a dependency. In this state, you’ll need the drug not for a high, but rather to feel normal.

Medication-assisted treatment can help you minimize or avoid withdrawal symptoms with the use of pharmaceuticals. These drugs provide the body with what it needs chemically to reduce withdrawal symptoms, but they do not produce a high. They are gradually tapered as you detox.

Rehab facilities also offer counseling and support throughout the detoxification process. People often have a better chance of success with trustworthy, dedicated support systems.

You’re Unhappy the Person You’ve Become

Substance addiction almost always influences the overall behavior of users. This is true when the person is actively using the substance and when they’re not. 

When using drugs or alcohol, you may participate in activities you otherwise wouldn’t or act out of character. Substance abuse increases the chances that you’ll engage in dangerous or antisocial behavior. Reflecting on these actions later can lead to the painful realization that you have an actual addiction.

Addiction can also change your overall behavior and mindset. You may find that you’re feeling depressed, anxious, irritable, or angry more often. Dishonesty and lashing out may have become a way of life because of substance abuse.

If you dislike the person you’ve become and realize that you’re likely hurting others with your addiction, rehab can help you find yourself again. 

The Impact of Your Addiction Has Become Clear

Denial can only carry you so far. When you’ve reached the point where the facts no longer allow you to deny the impact your addiction has had on your life and the lives of those close to you, the only conclusion is, “I need rehab.”

Everything in your life can suffer from your substance abuse. This includes:

  • Relationships and friendships
  • Your career and job performance
  • Your finances
  • Your mental and physical health

The impact of drugs on all these aspects can gradually eat away at your life. Losing friends, family, your job, your money, and your health are very real possibilities when addiction has taken over. If you’ve found yourself struggling to maintain normalcy in basic areas of life, it’s time to seek help. 

When You Need to Go to Rehab in Daly City, CA

Sometimes self-control and willpower are simply not enough to manage and overcome substance abuse, dependency, and addiction. When you’re ready to go to rehab in Daly City, CA, there are addiction specialists ready to help you conquer addiction. 

Are you ready to regain control of your life and move forward? We have the resources you need to get started. Contact us about rehab today and we’ll help you find a center near you.

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