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According to various professionals and researchers in addiction rehab center  in Daly City CA that specialize in substance abuse treatment and recovery, problems regarding substance abuse can gathered from a combination of environment and genetic influences. Substance addiction can sometimes occur due to stressful environmental factors alone because it forces you to use drugs or […]

After a night of heavy drinking, have you experienced the symptoms of headache and excessive thirst?  If so, you’ve experienced the so called “HANGOVER“.  Everyone’s been there: if you consume too many alcoholic beverages in a night, you might wake up with a hammering headache and sickness. People have been dealing with hangovers since alcoholic […]

Planning an intervention

So how do you plan an intervention? Well, the answer is: With the help of an addiction interventionist. It is difficult to know what to expect from an intervention, since every person facing a substance abuse problem reacts differently. There are three main goals of intervention. The first is that it’ll teach you how to […]

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