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effects of different drugs

In 2017, over 70,200 Americans died from a drug overdose. Now more than ever, we as Americans are faced with an unprecedented epidemic. Drugs are everywhere, and they’re easy to get your hands on if you have enough cash. In order to understand how to protect your loved ones from drug addiction and overdose, you […]

go to rehab in Daly City, CA

Recognizing you need help after a long, discouraging struggle with addiction is the clearest sign you’re ready for rehab. If you’re ready to go to rehab in Daly City, CA, you’re probably wondering what rehab entails. Drug rehabilitation can help people overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. Through careful combinations of therapies, rehab increases your chances […]

how to stage an intervention

These days, it’s an unfortunate truth that many unhealthy substances are readily available. Soon enough, that access can turn into a serious substance abuse problem. At some point along the way, it’s common for friends and family members to notice certain behaviors. These indicators mean that it’s probably time for someone to stage an intervention. Otherwise, […]

drug addict

Many people who have struggled with addiction will be the first to tell you that addiction in itself is a relationship killer. Addiction and associated behaviors have a way of affecting all personal relationships, putting them under immense strain. As addiction develops over time, it begins to dominate an addict’s life and relationships tend to fall […]

long-term effect of drug abuse

Often, drug addiction and mental health issues go hand-in-hand. People who have mood disorders are twice as likely to fall prey to a drug addiction and vice-versa. Why is this and what’s the long-term effect of drug abuse on mental health? Keep reading to learn about the connections and the consequences. Risk Factors for Drug […]

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