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drug addict

Many people who have struggled with addiction will be the first to tell you that addiction in itself is a relationship killer.¬†Addiction and associated behaviors have a way of affecting all personal relationships, putting them under immense strain. As addiction develops over time, it begins to dominate an addict’s life and relationships tend to fall […]

long-term effect of drug abuse

Often, drug addiction and mental health issues go hand-in-hand. People who have mood disorders are twice as likely to fall prey to a drug addiction and vice-versa. Why is this and what’s the long-term effect of drug abuse on mental health? Keep reading to learn about the connections and the consequences. Risk Factors for Drug […]

teen addictions

Did you know about 60% of teenagers who use prescription drugs often get them free? Teen addictions are a growing epidemic in our society. But how can we help our young population when we don’t know the early warning signs of addiction. As a parent, you know your children more than anyone. So you have […]

why do people get addicted to drugs

Human beings have been ingesting drugs and alcohol for a long time. But many traditional ideas about addiction and drugs have fallen away in light of modern science. We now know how the human animal becomes addicted to drugs, and we also know what to do about it! It’s not about blame, and it’s not […]

inpatient vs outpatient

In 2014 alone, 21.5 million Americans dealt with a substance abuse disorder. Whether addicted to alcohol or a drug like heroin or cocaine, a substance abuse disorder is a disruptive thing to deal with. It is also a potentially deadly mental illness to deal with. Few addicts can find recovery alone, which is why various […]

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