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Alcohol Addiction Recovery Place

One of the common emotions of people in recovery is the feeling of isolation. Those who have successfully completed rehab addiction programs in a treatment facility understand the importance of support groups, meetings and group communities in battling against isolation in addiction recovery. There are two common reasons for recovering addicts that leads them to […]


According to various professionals and researchers in addiction rehab center  in Daly City CA that specialize in substance abuse treatment and recovery, problems regarding substance abuse can gathered from a combination of environment and genetic influences. Substance addiction can sometimes occur due to stressful environmental factors alone because it forces you to use drugs or […]

After a night of heavy drinking, have you experienced the symptoms of headache and excessive thirst?  If so, you’ve experienced the so called “HANGOVER“.  Everyone’s been there: if you consume too many alcoholic beverages in a night, you might wake up with a hammering headache and sickness. People have been dealing with hangovers since alcoholic […]

How to Help Someone Addicted to Spice

If you know someone suffering from spice addiction, there are some practical suggestions for things you can do to help. You can recognize that there is a problem and speak with a professional therapist. You can also research about spice addiction and ask for help from a psychiatrist who specialized in treating hallucinogenic drug addiction. […]

Cost of Drug War

As part of the War of drugs, US government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to combat drug trafficking. After fighting the war of drugs for 40 years, the legal system is completely inundated with criminal drug cases.

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